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The Future

Hardware and apps will continue to expand the capabilities and will also evolve in order to improvethe experience making it muchbetter than sketching on paper. The digital drawing platform is here to stay and grow and it is believed that more designers will adopt digital as a large part of the creativeprocess. With the advancement of technology, the digital drawing platform will also become more promising and will also enable new forms of expressive painting. It lets the designer paint with differentenvironments and creates varied lightings and also allows him to apply the 3D textures for the paint.

Paper will never get obsolete and that is a fact. It will always remain as a medium for publication and production. However, when the creative process is initiated digitally it will come out as afaster way to capture ideas, iterate them and turn the concepts into designsthatare production ready.


The software that you shouldbegin with is Adobe Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro.

Sketchbook pro is light and easy to use. It lets you draw with the digital pen that feels like a real pen. It is also available on various platforms. It ever crashes or bugs.

AdobePhotoshop offers flexibility and an awesomeperformance. It offers you a great choice of patterns and brushes and you can do basically anything with it.It is a little overwhelming but it can be mastered to render the drawings. Sketchbook Pro,however, lets you boost your confidence.